Sunday, September 20, 2009

Nimbobula: The Dreamings Life

Nimbobula the tireless land
Calls to you though it is banned
Dreams and nightmares hand in hand
The other kids, they’ll understand

Nimbobula the name scares most
Winds all howl from coast to coast
Joined by sun so hot can roast
Turn you into crispy toast

Screams they seem to run right through
Not so good for me or you
Imaginings, they leap out too
Is there nothing we can do?

This place echoes of stark terror
Its name not be said in error
Only screamed whilst with a carer
Then it's bad news for the bearer

The witch doctors all travel there
To train up how to do their hair
They’ll drag you deep into their lair
Would anybody really care?

The cannibals roam jungles deep
Don’t say a word now, not a peep
Or in the pot we must soon leap
Our juicy flesh they will all reap

They’ll cook us up or eat us raw
If they spy us here we’ll be no more
Wouldn’t wait for us to thaw
Don’t give a hoot if someone saw.

Be nothing left at all around
Not even bones flung on the ground
For flesh they’ll take more than a pound
Dinner time and we’d be downed.

It tastes better if we died
Crying out to stay alive.
Brains they like to chew deep fried
They’ll store the rest all mummified.

We need to leave but don’t know how
Stuck between the then and now
If Mummy knew she’d have a cow
Tan our hides till we screamed “OW”

Nimbobula, don’t say it fast
That big word could be your last.


  1. FANTASTIC!!! Wish i could write with that much abandon. But do tell...what were you doing up at 3.34 am??? Are you a secret insomniac?

  2. Not so secret, lol. But I think back then the blogger clock was set to another country...